2011 – Brooke Hedrick

June 30, 2011 Brooke Hedrick was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which had spread into her liver and lungs.  Brooke was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed that week and needed a physical for the procedure.  During the physical the doctor noticed a lump in her neck and scheduled a CT scan that day.  Immediately following the scan she was transported to CHOP.  Her lymph nodes from her chin to her waistline were so enlarged the doctors couldn’t see her heart and lungs.  We patiently waited 4 days to hear the most dreaded and heart-breaking words anyone wants to hear. 

RCBIII flyer by Marti Daly

RCBIII flyer by Marti Daly

During her battle she displayed amazing courage, strength, spirit, and humor.  She continued her schoolwork, achieving high honors and never stopped supporting her tournament softball team on and off the field. 

Brooke is 4 years out treat and remains cancer free.  She is enjoying being a healthy 16 year old, and is currently a junior in high school achieving high honors and teaching herself how to play the ukulele. 

Our family is very blessed and thankful for all the love and support we receive from our Red Corner Friends!