2021 – Ellie Makarevitz

RCB XII flyer by Marti Daly

Ellie was born with a tumor on her tailbone – a “sacrococcygeal teratoma.” The doctors told her parents that these tumors were generally benign. They were never told that it should be removed. Never told follow-up surgery needed to be scheduled. Now, two years later, Ellie and her family are facing a cancer diagnosis. Her “benign” tumor became malignant, metastasized and grew to a size of 5cm. In addition, a CT scan at CHOP showed 10 spots on her lungs. Ellie’s world was turned upside down when a port was placed in her small body and she began chemo treatments. Most recently she underwent a stem cell transplant. This sweet baby girl just keeps fighting. She’s staying tough so she can be an incredible big sister to brand new preemie twins and a wonderful little sister to big sister, Marina.

12th Red Corner Benefit Flyer
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